Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogprenuer says UTI makes me weak!

I hate having UTI, I just can't take it, the pain that i'm always feeling every time I pee makes me wanna die :( I finished drinking my antibiotics already but it seems that the meds didn't worked for me. I will go back to my doctor on Monday to ask for any recommendations. But for tomorrow I'm planning to:

Most of my favorite TV shows will end tomorrow. So i will not missed to watched them. BTW! Boyfriend is coming here tomorrow! YEY! i might ask him to watch with me.. I miss him so much! <3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blogprenuer After a year..

I'm now back here in updating my blogs. i'm so happy that i'm now here writing again after almost a year because i was been very busy. I'm so thankful that i have sometime to write here :) Anyway what's about my comeback? It's because i'm now trying work on my Super Bowl 2012 Live Stream blog and it's now on the 1st page but it was previously from 4th spot but know it's on the 10th spot. Oh crap i need to work harder but i'm so worried now because my midterms is now getting near too. What to do know with mt Super Bowl 46 Live Stream this February 5, 2012? Can you please help me guys?