Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogprenuer is very very bored!

I'm so bored because it's already summer vacation and i don't know what should i do good thing there are some TV episodes that i can watch. So i will Watch The Amazing Race Season 14 Episode 8 Online with it's episode named Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant then next thing to do is to Watch Dirty Jobs Season 5 Episode 10 Online new episode named: Sled Dog Breeder, then the next 2 TV series ! uhmm ok i know i should Watch Cold Case Season 6 Episode 20 Online named Stealing Home then lastly i should not miss to Watch Red Dwarf Season 9 Episode 4 Online yeah! It's now on marked on my calendar hihi!

I also created some blogs for my SEO tools i will just wait, so my blog will be index Daily TV Guide and Informixx TV Guide is not working anymore :(

my new blogs: