Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogprenuer wants to be refreseh

This morning i almost wake up dead! yeah because of the heat the electricity is OFF the stupid brownout had disturbed me while im on sleep.The bad thing is we don't have electricity for almost 8 hours since 9 am woah that was hard because i cannot find more information's about Tnomeralc web design toys and i hate it so much!

Good thing it's now fine i can now watch my favorite TV episodes for tomorrow i missed some this past days so i will be refreshed again because i will Watch Survivor Season 18 Episode 19 Online i think this time this will be my favorite show.

I might also Watch Bones Season 4 Episode 21 Online but it depends on my mood. it looks weird to me. HAha, how about to Watch The Office (US) Season 5 Episode 22 Online? This one looks new to me so i might watch it.

Now im really bothered about my Miss SEO and Xconvic it's net yet indexed on G.At the mean tiem i will Watch C.S.I. Season 9 Episode 20 Online so i can be relax.yeah