Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogprenuer wants to know more about TV Epsidoes

I was thinking if i should watch some TV episodes for tomorrow.So i guess i should find some infos about them.First i would search about 24 Season 7 Episode 20 which is very intriguing!Next to search is about One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 21 this one is my favorite! I'll try to watch it every time.

I discover that Chuck Season 2 Episode 22 latest episode is named Chuck Versus the Ring,then i also found out that House Season 5 Episode 22 is so much fun! i had read it's over view a while ago!and of Course Heroes Season 3 Episode 25 i can't let this one pass by without watching it.BTW i have a new blog and it's Mytralala it's a prize on the contest that i joined! luck me.