Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike Tyson's daughter Exodus dies after accident

The 4 year old daughter of the former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson died last Tuesday.Exodus Tyson : the daughter of Mike Tyson was found by her brother on a critical condition.The Policemen said that it was an accident caused by the treadmill on the house we're Exodus slipped or put her head on the cord hanging on the console.

I myself was surprise when i knew about Mike Tyson's daughter accident.She is just a 4 year old girl and to early to die.I tired to look for Exodus Tyson pictures and i was been able to find one.But she's still a baby on that picture.You may try to google for the keyword Exodus Tyson Photo's or pictures to find some.

My Condolence to the Family of Mike Tyson.