Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blogprenuer is now worried

I'm very worried about my adsense earnings and my blog ChikaBebe it's not actually ranking on SERPS.I tired to post 4 different TV shows the first TV show that i posted was True Blood Season 2 Episode 6 i posted it last day then this afternoon i posted Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 Episode 11 i already saw the preview of this episode it's really exciting.

I also posted Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 21 im getting ready for Monday.I just tried to post about Kings Episode 13 Finale i don't know if i would earn some traffic.And the last episode that i posted was Hung Season 1 Episode 4 there will be lot's of TV shows on Monday so i'm getting ready for it.

My blog Xconvic and Miss SEO will be alive starting today